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We Are National Leaders in Surgicalist and Emergency Department Management, and On-Call Compensation Administration

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enhancing quality, efficiency, and clinical consistency

Our collaborative partnerships with hospitals and clinicians deliver access to care, improved metric performance, and ROI.

For Clinicians

Delivering Work-Life Balance and Restoring Patient Focus

We are not a locum tenens staffing agency. We build integrated clinical teams that allow our providers to focus on patient care and enjoy real time off.

building service lines for Hospitals Nationwide

Synergy Health Partners is driven by a commitment to transparency, responsiveness, and excellence. We develop innovative solutions tailored to each hospital partner’s unique needs. By providing engaged leadership and building the strongest teams of clinical providers, we ensure targeted and measurable performance improvements. We know the importance of listening to our clients’ needs, and strive to make each service line a center of excellence in the local community.

  • Orthopedic
  • Trauma & General
  • Emergency
  • Specialty

Orthopedic Surgery - Trauma, Acute, and Rural Models

  • 24/7/365 consistent, integrated, facility-dedicated coverage
  • Community-engaged physician teams
  • Focused service plans to increase volume and downstream revenue
  • Decreased patient wait times and minimized length of stay

Trauma & General Surgery - Acute and Rural Models

  • 24/7/365 consistent, integrated, facility-dedicated coverage
  • Assistance with Level II Trauma Center Designation
  • Surgical ICU coverage
  • Community-engaged physician teams

Emergency Medicine - Urban, Community, and Rural Models 

  • High quality, facility-dedicated clinicians
  • Improved clinical and operational metrics
  • Enhanced patient and medical staff satisfaction
  • Analytic-driven, efficient staffing plans
  • Engaged on-site medical direction

Specialty On-Call Services

  • Standardized practice patterns
  • Improved response times and case retention
  • Controlled year over year stipend
  • Advanced performance tracking analytics

Measurable Results

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Find job satisfaction, flexibility, and work-life balance



Working as an associate with Synergy Health Partners in the field of orthopedics without a doubt is inimitable in its work-life balance flexibility. You can still have a multitude of challenging cases, physician-patient interactions, and even continuity of care with inpatient or outpatient encounters, all condensed into a schedule you chose to manage. When it’s done . . . enjoy your time away.

Dr. Carlos
Conrad Kennedy

Synergy Orthopedic Surgeon


Since partnering with Synergy Health Partners in December 2019, we have seen an improvement in emergency department patient service and satisfaction that is absolutely night and day in terms of the quality of care, efficiency of care, and overall departmental culture. Our emergency department has become a beacon of patient-centered medicine, and our patients consistently maintain they will go nowhere else for their emergency services. Our staff morale, nursing and physician relationships, and community presence are all at monumental levels.

Chief of Medicine, Chief/Medical Director

Emergency Medicine Client
San Diego, CA


With Synergy Health Partner’s help, our surgical volume and revenue is exceeding budget, and our surgeons are able to open additional outpatient clinic visits to increase elective surgical volumes. Before partnering with Synergy Health Partners, we had two warring surgical groups who now, with the help of the Synergy Health Partners, are working well together.

Medical Group President

General Surgery Client
Fishersville, VA


Synergy Health Partners